As an athlete, we are used to facing challenges. But what we were handed in early March, 2020, when the President of the United States publicly declared actions to stop the spread of a the Novel Coronavirus, a highly-contagious and deadly virus, stopped even the toughest of athletes in his tracks.

With little to no notice, athletes, coaches, and sports organizations worldwide, including here in San Antonio, were sent scrambling.

Forced to reset.

To pivot.

Businesses closed. Schools closed. And with them, youth sports organizations and most area gyms. For the first time in history the NBA even cancelled the remainder of its season as people and athletes could not gather in an all-in effort to contain the virus.

At Shooting For Success and David Jones Pro Training, we did what we do quite often as coaches and a team. We adjusted. We changed up our game plan to include a new form of training we are calling Virtual Training. It is a form of distance training to fit the so-called new normal consistent with social distancing guidelines established as we comply with temporary stay-at-home and work-from-home orders issued by public officials.

We are incorporating virtual training into our team training, as well as with the organization’s one-on-one private training.

Team Distance Training

Team “Distance” Training will consist of online communication, workouts, and mentorships across virtual platforms like Zoom. This will be a temporary way of training until teams can get back into the gymnasium together. Distance training, conducted at each player’s home, will require athletes to step up. They will need to check their email, add team meetings to their schedule, and with their own sense of accountability, work out as best they can using the tools and environment they have.

Virtual 1-On-1 Private Training

Virtual 1-On-1 Private Training will look at little different for players from distance team training. These training sessions are open to club team players and the public. They will run 30 minutes in length and will be conducted “live” with Shooting For Success Founder, David Jones. They can be purchased in a package of 4 sessions.

In order for players to gain the maximum value from their virtual 1-on-1 training, it is recommended that players have the following tools available to them:

  • Smart phone, iPad, or Laptop
  • Tripod or stand to prop up device
  • 2 Basketballs
  • Access to a basketball hoop
  • Wireless ear buds (optional, preferred but not necessary)
  • Access to Zoom App or What’s App

Coach DJ and the Shooting For Success staff are working tirelessly to get virtual and distance training up and running. Why? We feel it is important that training continue as best it can during these unusual times. We believe this is incredibly important for players’ overall health and well-being in addition to jeopardizing all the hard work and gains players have seen in their improving basketball game.

There is no doubt, however, that athletes will be tested with this new form of training. Virtual and distance basketball training will require discipline and perseverance. It will require players to give one-hundred percent effort displaying and even stronger passion for the sport they love.

We suggest players approach this new training situation just like they would approach a big game.

Rise from the bench with the desire to work harder than ever. Keep our heads in the game. Focus on the goal at hand; To maintain one’s skill and playing level throughout this period of social distancing restrictions. And perhaps, even come out on the other side of this thing as stronger players and better people.

When we do that, we win.

Stay healthy. Stay fit. Stay well. #StayInTheGame