Since opening its doors in 2004, Shooting For Success has built skilled and winning players around the world under its SFS Global Program.  Lead by founder and former overseas professional player, David ‘DJ’ Jones, Shooting For Success operates international camps and clinics in Germany, Hungary, Vietnam, China, India, Romania, France, and Australia. Jones has key relationships with organizations at the professional, national, and local levels, abroad. Jones also hosts clinics on his home court in San Antonio, Texas, welcoming teams and players from around the world.

Jones’ passion for cultivating basketball around the world stems from his over 13-year professional career, playing basketball in Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania, South America, and France.  He has held records for 3-Point-Shots and points scored per game, in Germany. In fact, no other player in the history of the German BBL League has come close to Jones’ scoring average. Jones gained international notice as a trainer when he “fixed” Jeremy Lin’s shot prior to his going into the NBA draft, earning Jones the name “The Shot Doctor” by national press and media. 

But Jones’ love for international basketball runs even deeper.  He believes basketball can connect cultures, especially when it comes to today’s youth.  As such, Jones has taken his top-ranking Shooting For Success San Antonio club teams to play with and compete against some of the world’s best youth players.  In recent years, Jones’ teams along with their families have traveled to China and Germany.  In addition to playing basketball, the families tour the countries and experience the country’s culture up close and personally boosting Jones’ philosophy in teaching not just basketball but life skills, learning on and off the court.

PRO 1on1 Training with David Jones
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