Blog post by David DJ Jones of Shooting For Success & David Jones Pro Training

Basketball is a lot like a blog.  I know what you’re thinking. Yes, a blog is something one reads.  Basketball is something to play.  Yet, the two might be more alike than you think.

At least they are to this coach and trainer, when it comes to writing a blog.

Let me be real.  To me, the thought of writing a blog is a little scary.  As a pro basketball player turned trainer, I can shoot 3s in the final period of a high-stakes basketball game.  No problem.  Yet, to be completely honest, staring at the tiny ivory keys of my computer intimidates this six-foot-one baller.

Why?  Because writing is outside of my comfort zone.  But so too was basketball, once.

Those of you who know me, know, that I was not always a basketball player. In high school, I was a Quarterback who once dreamt of throwing dimes as a professional QB in the NFL.  I started for my high school in California.

I did not grow up playing basketball. I was my high school’s Quarterback through my sophomore year.

I was known as a top passing quarterback and even made headlines in our local newspaper.  It seems almost strange to me now, but at thirteen and fourteen years old, basketball wasn’t much of a thought.  It wasn’t that I disliked basketball.  I had just never really played it, much.  And, I was horrible at it.  At fourteen years old and a freshman in high school, I decided to give basketball a more serious try.  And guess what.  I warmed the bench my entire freshman year.

#25 David Jones

The only way David Jones would get into a basketball game as a freshman was if my team was up by twenty or down by it.  If I did get in, I was nervous.  I was easily intimidated. Here I was, a kid new to the game, up against ballers who had played the sport since they were young enough to even say the word basketball.

I was not in my comfort zone.

When you think about it, few are, when attempting something new.  But here’s the thing – It often takes being very uncomfortable to become comfortable at something.  Especially in sports.

Once you understand that, there are three things that will undoubtedly change your path from uncomfortable to comfortable.  They are practice, repetition, and a collection of small successes.

To achieve finding that comfort zone in any sport takes practice.  A lot of practice.  As a freshman and sophomore in high school who wasn’t starting on his basketball team, I hit the gym any chance I got.  I studied the game and learned – I mean really learned –  the skills I was lacking and how they fit into the game of basketball.

Another part of finding your comfort zone is repetition.  Repeat your workouts, no matter how uncomfortable they feel at first.  Repeat your study of the game.  Lift weights, run, jump to increase your vertical on a consistent basis.  One day a week will not cut it if you’re searching for that comfort zone.  Repetition.

And finally, begin to look and recognize successes – small gains at first, that over time, grow in to larger accomplishments.  Never discount the small successes because small successes turn into larger successes and larger successes become the foundation for confidence which is key in finding that comfort zone.

When you practice consistently, repeat workouts consistently, and discover successes consistently, you undoubtedly will become comfortable where you once were so uncomfortable.  I did, playing basketball.  And I hope to do so, with writing for this blog.

And so, it is with practice, repetition, and small successes that I welcome you to the Shooting For Success Blog, Inspired.

It is my ultimate hope that through my words and the very strong writings by a few guest bloggers that you will feel and be inspired.  Inspired to dream, inspired to do, and Inspired to become the best version of yourself on and off and court.

It is my hope to share anecdotes and stories gathered in my over thirty years playing high school, collegiate, and professional basketball.

It is my hope to provide a resource for athletes and parents of athletes looking for training tips and greater understanding into the ever-changing world of youth basketball.

It is my hope to provide insight on basketball trends, the NBA, our beloved Spurs, and more.

It is my hope that you will use this blog as a tool to learning more about the workings of a team the mind of a coach.

It is my hope that those interested in basketball and youth sports as a whole will read this blog, share this blog, and engage in poignant dialogue as a result of this blog, as together, we all become Inspired.

By my sophomore year in high school, I had found my comfort zone in the game of basketball. One year of hard work, practice, repetition of drills, and a series of small successes took me from being uncomfortable to comfortable and confident on the court.

David “DJ” Jones is the founder of Shooting For Success, a youth basketball competitive team based out of San Antonio, Texas.  Jones played basketball professionally for 13 years throughout Europe.  Jones entered the national conversation several years ago when he helped Jermey Lin perfect his shot pre NBA-draft. Today, Jones is a respected coach and trainer with Shooting For Success and holds international camps in Germany, Vietnam, Hungary, and China.  Jones and his wife, Diane, have one daughter, Mailee, who attends and plays ball for Chicago State in Illinois.