From the moment Tim Olhbrecht first stepped his size 16 feet into the gym belonging to Pro-Trainer David Jones, he knew he would be back.  Not just for basketball training with Jones during his off-season from professional basketball, but for an eventual coaching position with Jones’ youth organization, Shooting For Success.

“I think it was all leading to this,” Ohlbrect said. 

The 29-year-old active player will join Shooting For Success’ coaching lineup this June when he helps kick off the organization’s annual Summer Basketball Camp.  He will also train up and coming players one-on-one.  He will not, Ohlbrecht says, “simply show up for a quick photo op”.  Instead, the 6’11 Center, who plays for Ratiopharm Ulm of Germany’s BBL league, said he will be a more permanent fixture on the SFS 2018 coaching roster.  Ohlbrecht says he wants to teach, demonstrate, and share his life-long professional basketball experience and passion for the game.  “Almost anyone can teach basketball fundamentals.  But I get to also talk to these kids about navigating the professional world of basketball,” said Ohlbrecht.

It is these nuances of what it takes to go pro, today, that Ohlbrecht said he most looks forward to sharing with the youth players at SFS camp. 

“We’re extremely fortunate,” said Shooting For Success Founder and Former Professional Player, David Jones.  “Most professional players who are active players may not be willing or have the time in their schedule to be as hands-on with so many aspects of training as (Tim Ohlbrect) wants to be,” Jones said.

Jones, who was affectionately called the shot doctor by for his ability to “fix” players’ shots, met Ohlbrecht in 2014.  The pair was introduced by Ohlbrecht’s agent, who also knew Jones from the six years he played professional ball in Germany.  At the time, Ohlbrecht was looking for an off-season trainer in San Antonio, where he and his family often spend several months each year.  

Some four years and many late-night-workouts later, Ohlbrecht and Jones have developed a player-trainer relationship unlike few other.  Ohlbrecht has said Jones is both coach and confidant, motivator, and family friend.  Not only has Jones helped Ohlbrecht improve his shooting percentage, he has shared important and life-changing skills with Ohlbrecht which the pro player says has helped him become a more disciplined and better all-round player- and person, in recent years.

Ohlbrecht likes to to talk about the time Jones called the pro player into the gym for training – at one o-clock in the morning.  The pair had already trained late night finishing around eleven.  Ohlbrecht drove to his Helotes area home.  No sooner had he showered and prepared to go to sleep for the night when the phone rang.  It was Jones who told Ohlbrecht to return to Jones’ Stone Oak area gym.  “I was surprised but when a coach tells you to do something you do it with full trust in his or her coaching style,” said Ohlbrecht.  Jones, today, still laughs about the night.  “It is one thing to perform your best when you are rested and prepared.  But can he perform – can his muscles do the work – when unprepared?  That is the challenge,” said Jones.

Today, Ohlbrecht still credits Jones’ late night training drill as one of the most unique coaching moments he has experienced in his over thirteen years playing professional ball.  It is this – Jones’ style of coaching that goes above and beyond coupled with his dedication to those he trains and  the game that interested Ohlbrecht in a new way.  The combination left Ohlbrecht hooked.  He knew, then, said Ohlbrecht, that coaching would be in his definite future.

“I know now what I am supposed to do with my experience – how I can use it to help create, grow, and nuture the future of this game that I love so much,” stated Ohlbrecht.

Ohlbrecht is currently under contract with Ratiopharm through June 2020.  Upon retirement from professional ball, Ohlbrecht says he plans to make San Antonio his permanent home and Shooting For Success – his long-term family.

Off the Court with Tim Ohlbrecht:

  • Before playing in the German BBL (Basketball Bundesliga), Ohlbrecht spent some time playing for the Houston Rockets, Philadelphia 76’ers, and, the Rio Grade Valley Vipers.  With the Vipers Ohlbrecht helped secure back to back titles.
  • Ohlbrecht played with Dirk Nowitzki in the 2008 Olympics.
  • Olbrecht’s secret to his success?  “Always stay true to oneself” and “When fallen, always get right back up”.
  • He’s a jokester! Ohlbrecht says he’s always in for a good joke.
  • Ohlbrecht was once in a Call of Duty video “league” with fellow sports buddies.
  • Ohlbrecht is a dog-lover tried and true.
  • T.O.’s favorite “Texas” things?  “The weather, the mentality that Texans have, and BBQ, of course.”

Tim Ohlbrecht is available for private basketball training and will be at camp during various dates throughout August.  Training & camp take place at Jones’ gym located at 23755 Canyon Golf Road in San Antonio.  To register or to inquire about times Ohlbrecht will be at camp, please contact SFS at

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