About Shooting For Success

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My name is David (DJ) Jones and I played professional basketball for 13years. My professional career began in Germany and continued in various overseas countries; France, Austria, Poland, Italy and Venezuela. While playing the game, I began teaching basketball skills to young athletes and given the opportunity to coach a German youth team. Undefeated and ranking second in the German National Championships, I realized working with young athletes and teaching them the game was important to me. It became the foundation of my organization, Shooting for Success (SFS).

After completing my professional career in Europe and returning home to the U.S., I began SFS in August 2004. The initial goal for SFS was to train locally, specifically to young children who love basketball and wanted to learn the fundamentals. However, the organization has become much more. The vision of teaching basketball skills to young potential athletes was expanded to include life skills to athletes here and abroad.

To date, SFS camps have been held locally in San Antonio as well as in Germany, Austria, India, Hungary, Australia and Kenya. Helping young people to achieve success personally and professionally is a life-long goal of our organization, so currently we are working to ensure its success. Accomplishing goals through hard work and dedication was taught to me by my father. He always said, do it “Always with Honor”.

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